About Us

Purchasing and Processing of Scrap Metal

Southern Metals has emerged as a leading processor of scrap metals and we will continue that progress into the new millennium with a renewed dedication to our founder’s principles. Since our establishment in 1938, Southern Metals has served a wide array of customers throughout the Carolinas. During this time, we have earned a reputation for integrity, efficiency, and total dedication to the needs of our customers. Today these qualities remain with our third-generation company, strengthened by the test of time.

Scrap metal is an often underestimated but valuable byproduct of today’s manufacturing processes. Whether ferrous or nonferrous scrap products, both represent a continuing and significant cost savings for many businesses and industries. Southern Metals Company recognizes the importance of these recyclable products to your company’s earnings picture, and we have developed a variety of flexible strategies aimed at maximizing your profits.

While our goals remain essentially unchanged, we have kept up with today’s technology. We have the most modern equipment available in the industry, giving us distinct advantages over others. Our technology allows us to tailor our services to each individual customer’s needs.